Soundpeats AIR3 DELUXE HS Review

Soundpeats AIR3 DELUXE HS review featured

The Soundpeats AIR3 DELUXE HS is the world’s first Hi-Res certified half-in-ear earbuds. They come with a 14.2mm driver, LDAC support and in-ear detection. The price is $49.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Soundpeats for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

AIR3 DELUXE HS earbuds
Soundpeats AIR3 DELUXE HS Review
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Powerful clean bass
Good detail retrieval
Lots of customizable EQ options
In-ear sensor
Overall value
No ANC or wireless charging
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Soundpeats AIR3 DELUXE HS


The AIR3 DELUXE HS’ half-in-ear design means there’s less pressure on your ear canals. So if you’re one of those people who are uncomfortable with full in-ear earbuds and ‘cabin pressure’ you’ll love these.

The shells have a fairly standard design, similar to Apple earbuds. The AIR3 DELUXE HS earbuds are lightweight too, weighing in at just 0.14oz(4.06g). They have a matte grey finish with classy golden highlights. I found them to be comfortable for my ears and I could happily wear them for hours at a time.

With its large 14.2mm dynamic driver, the earbuds can produce some big, dynamic sound. Include support for LDAC with up to 24bit/96kHz, and a bit rate of up to 990kbps and you have a recipe for Hi-Res lossless sound quality.

The charging case is small enough to fit easily in a jeans pocket. It has a glossy black finish and a single LED indicator that shows you the battery and pairing status. There’s also a small pairing reset button on the front of the case, just below the LED.

Charging case

Battery Life

You can get up to 5 hours on a single charge with the earbuds and a total of 20 hours including the charging case. Both the earbuds and the charging case take around 1.5 hours to fully charge.

Soundpeats Phone App

You can use the Soundpeats App to access extra features such as the 10-band custom, preset and adaptive EQ modes. The app displays the current battery level of the earbuds and you can easily install any firmware updates there too.

Calls, Video and Game Performance

The call quality on the AIR3 DELUXE HS is decent for budget TWS earbuds. My voice comes through loud and clear and has ample fullness. You’d be fine making phone calls or doing video conferencing with these.

Both video and game performance are good. The AIR3 DELUXE HS has a dedicated gaming mode that can be enabled via a triple click. It seems to work well because I didn’t notice any latency when playing online games.

Soundpeats AIR3 DELUXE HS in charging case


The overall sound signature is a warm v-shaped sound with elevated bass and treble and slightly recessed mids. That’s pretty standard for TWS earbuds but with the EQ you can really switch things up however you want.

The bass quality is good – in fact, it’s probably the best bass I’ve heard from this half-in-ear style of earbuds outside of EarPods; that’s a real compliment considering how much cheaper these are. It has good fullness and impact without distortion.

They can even do some nice sub-bass rumble that doesn’t get bogged down or mask the midrange too much

Note weight is slightly thick, making the Air3 Deluxe HS good for casual or longer listening sessions. It’s a nice spacious midrange that sounds open and airy.

Vocals are nice and clear and are reasonably forward in the mix so they’re easy to hear above the bass and treble. Both male and female voices get equal treatment with neither being favoured over the other.

Treble notes are crisp and airy without being sharp. There’s a nice amount of detail present in the music. It’s one of the better trebles I’ve heard from a budget TWS earbud – it’s energetic and has good extension.

The soundstage is wide and expansive thanks to the open nature of the earbuds. Sounds can often be heard outside of the headspace and more than once I thought I was hearing noises around me that were actually coming from the earbuds.



I think the Soundpeats AIR3 DELUXE HS earbuds offer good value for money. If you’re looking for an affordable EarPods alternative and don’t need ANC then you should check these out.

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