Spiral Ear SE6 Edge (Universal) Review

Spiral Ear SE6 Edge review featured

In this article, I’m reviewing the Spiral Ears SE6 Edge IEMs. The SE6 Edge features 6 independent BA drivers a hexa-bore acoustic design and a unique crossover implementation following the ‘golden ratio’ principle. The price is 1819 EUR (0% VAT; export outside EU) and 2237 EUR (incl. 23% VAT; export within EU).

Disclaimer: This sample was provided on loan from Spiral Ear for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

Spiral Ear SE6 Edge (Universal) Review
Spiral Ear SE6 Edge: Remarkable IEM with captivating sound. Exceptional resolution, timbre, and immersive experience. Worth the investment.
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Exceptional resolution
Lifelike tone and timbre
Instrument separation and black background
Great ergonomics and comfort
Universal model only comes in one colour
Plain-looking shells for the price (subjective)
Limited included eartips
Our Score

Spiral Ear SE6 Edge

What’s in the Box
  • In-Ear Monitors
  • Hi-Res cable
  • Universal fit turbine ear tips in: S, M, L size
  • Peli 1010 case
  • Cleaning tool
  • Instruction manual
SE6 Edge design

When you think of flagship IEMs, you typically imagine shiny, fancy, and exotic shell designs reminiscent of products from Empire Ears or Campfire Audio. As someone who has become accustomed to this, I was quite surprised by the understated aesthetic of the Spiral Ear SE6 Universal.

At first glance, these in-ear monitors don’t immediately reveal their high price tag. The universal model is only available in a single colour: a sleek dark charcoal grey. If you crave some vibrant hues, you’ll need to order a customized set (the brand specializes in custom IEMs).

For the universal model, the dark grey resin shells are unadorned, save for a discreet raised SE logo on each faceplate. There’s a small vent located behind the 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. Another notable physical feature is the hexa-bore nozzle opening, which includes ridges that securely hold eartips in place.

When it comes to comfort, the SE6 Edge Universal excels (at least for my ears). The shells fit snugly, allowing me to wear them for hours without discomfort. Additionally, the passive noise isolation is above average, making these monitors suitable for stage performances and commutes alike.

SE6 Edge with M2Pro DAP


Gear used for testing includes the Soundaware M2Pro, Topping E70/L70 stack and the Cayin RU6.

The Spiral Ear S6 Edge takes a subtle approach, not clamouring for attention like an overexcited puppy. Instead, it quietly nestles at your feet or in your lap, offering comfort and companionship.

Unlike headphones with booming bass or sparkling treble, the SE6 Edge’s presentation isn’t particularly forward or intimate. However, it’s far from dull or uninteresting. On the contrary, the SE6 Edge captivates with its exceptional resolution and, above all, its naturalness. This emanates from its well-balanced timbre and a touch of warm undertones. While it maintains a neutral and uncoloured sound, these warm undertones lend it an authentic and lifelike tone.

Spiral Ear SE6 Edge frequency response graph

Let’s establish something right from the start: the SE6 Edge is an all-BA IEM, meaning it’s not specifically designed for bass enthusiasts. However, despite this, the SE6 Edge manages to deliver a bass response that is remarkably convincing, almost rivalling that of a dynamic driver—albeit with a refined touch.

The bass is fast and controlled, as expected from a BA driver, but it also possesses significant impact and texture. The sound is captivating, lending weight, fullness, and warmth to various instruments, from kick drums to double basses. The attacks and decays are conveyed with naturalness, effortlessly maintaining a sense of rhythm that is both harmonious and well-balanced.


The midrange is spacious and spread out. It has a warmth in its tone, imparting naturalness. Its note density along with a neutral stage position gives instruments and vocals a lifelike quality. It’s a midrange presentation that is neither intimate nor distant but, as Goldilocks might say “just right”.

That upper mids lift in the graph might look alarming to some but it’s tempered masterfully by strategic dips in the treble. The result is a forward yet warm and smooth upper midrange. The SE6 Edge midrange sounds charming, even somewhat pensive. It’s a midrange that doesn’t need to move aside from the bass or the treble – it simply exists in harmony with both.

Faceplates with Spiral Ear logo

The SE6 Edge’s treble is exquisitely crafted, delivering abundant details enveloped in a warm tone. While it possesses a somewhat laid-back forwardness, it remains fast and crisp, showcasing its technical prowess. Ultimately, the treble is tuned to evoke an organic tone, prioritizing richness over laser-sharp precision and the pursuit of minute details.

In essence, the treble of the SE6 Edge is subtly attenuated yet remarkably resolving, graciously stepping aside to allow the midrange to shine. This self-effacing approach grants the midrange prominence, endowing the sound with clarity, airiness, and intricate nuances, resulting in a more harmonious and organic presentation.

Soundstage and Technical Performance

The SE6 Edge stage is expansive, not so much from its scale but more from its excellent separation and black background. It feels spacious and organized, with each instrument and voice occupying its own place on the stage. With the addition of its resolving nature and strong positioning, one can easily get swept up in 3D holographic imaging.

Spiral Ear SE6 Edge universal faceplate


In conclusion, the Spiral Ear SE6 Edge is a remarkable and subtly crafted IEM that delivers a captivating and natural sound. Its exceptional resolution, balanced timbre, and touch of warm undertones create an authentic and lifelike sound.

While the Spiral Ear SE6 Edge may come with a hefty price tag, its exceptional sonic capabilities make it well worth the investment for those seeking a refined and immersive listening experience that prioritizes naturalness, clarity, and harmonious sound reproduction.

With that in mind, I think the SE6 Edge is worthy of getting both our recommended award and a place on our best IEMs list.

Recommended award

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