Westone Audio AM Pro X10 Review

Westone Audio AM Pro X10 review featured

In today’s review, I’m looking at the Westone Audio AM Pro X10 in-ear monitors. The Pro X10 is aimed at musicians and particularly for live performances. It features a single balanced armature driver and proprietary ambient technology that allows you to monitor audio while still being able to hear the monitor mix, fellow band members and audiences. It’s priced at $175.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Westone Audio for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

Westone Audio AM Pro X10


Sensitivity: 114 dB SPL @ 1 mW

Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 16 kHz

Impedance: 19 ohms @ 1 kHz

Passive Noise Attenuation: 12dB

Driver: Balanced Armature, Full-Range

Cable: Proprietary T2™ Connection with 3.5mm Jack.

In the Box
  • Westone Audio AM Pro X10 in-ear monitors
  • Detachable Linum BaX Cable T2
  • Plastic carrying case
  • Fabric carrying pouch
  • 5x pairs of silicone eartips
  • 5x pairs of foam eartips
  • Cleaning tool
  • Sticker
  • Owner’s manual


The first thing that struck me about the Pro X10 design was how small the shells are. These things are tiny! They’re smaller than the Westone MACH series and, from memory, I think they’re even smaller than the Shure SE215. Speaking of the SE215, the AM Pro X series has a similar shape which has proven to be popular with users for a long time.

The Pro X series boasts a transparent resin acoustic chamber that provides a view of the single balanced armature and its internal wiring. However, what truly sets this series apart is Westone’s innovative proprietary ambient technology. This unique feature empowers the listener to experience the immersive sounds of stage monitors, fellow performers, and the live audience, all while maintaining an impressive 10dB of passive noise isolation.

Not only does the Pro X10’s ambient technology offer immersive external sounds, but it also effectively mitigates ‘cabin pressure’ or the sensation of pressure build-up in the ears during use. This feature proves especially beneficial in preventing the phenomenon of ‘in-your-head’ resonance while singing. Despite not being a professional musician or vocalist, I often find myself unable to resist joining in with my favourite songs, so I can honestly vouch for this.

Being so small and ergonomic, the Pro X10 is very comfortable in my ears and I can happily wear them for hours on end. Additionally, the assortment of included eartips, both generous and diverse, guarantees an optimal fit and seal for your in-ear monitors.

Westone includes its standard Linum Bax cable with the AM Pro X series. It’s a high-quality cable with a low impedance but it’s quite thin and tangles easily.

AM Pro X10 with Linum Bax cable


Gear used for testing includes the xDuoo Link2 Bal, SMSL DO300EX and HiBy R3 II. These are efficient and easy to drive so you can run them from just about anything. However, because it’s a single BA driver, your best bet is to use a source with a low output impedance.

Well, as you can see from the graph below – this is not like the kind of frequency responses we’re so used to. Keep in mind that the X10 is designed for live performances and monitoring for crew and musicians. With that said, it’s obvious that the X10 has a near-flat response with a focus on vocals and midrange instruments.

Westone Audio AM Pro X10 frequency response graph

Being a single BA driver IEM, the X10 faces some challenges, namely sub-bass response and a limited frequency range. So, as you might expect, the bass extension here is nothing to write home about. It adeptly handles mid-bass frequencies, ensuring that each note is distinct and well-articulated. However, for those seeking a pronounced thump or sub-bass presence that can be felt as much as heard, this IEM is likely to leave them wanting for a more visceral experience.

The X10 places a clear emphasis on the midrange frequencies, making it an ideal choice for audiophiles who prioritize the nuanced portrayal of vocals and instrumental timbres. Vocals are rendered with a lifelike quality, allowing you to discern subtle nuances in the singer’s delivery. The Pro X10 captures the mids with a natural, organic tone that is a hallmark of Westone’s craftsmanship.

The Pro X10 showcases a treble response that is characterized by its subtlety and integration within the overall audio profile. The treble takes a backseat, allowing the midrange frequencies to shine as the focal point. One of the standout qualities of the Pro X10’s treble is its complete absence of sibilance or sharpness. This quality lends itself well to extended listening sessions, which makes sense for a live stage monitor.

Much like its treatment of the midrange, the Pro X10 excels in the timbre of its treble. However, it may not be the optimal choice for those who seek to uncover minute, micro-level details in their music. The subdued treble doesn’t offer the same level of resolution as IEMs with more pronounced highs.

Soundstage and Technicalities

The Pro X10 offers a commendably large soundstage with notable imaging capabilities, particularly in simpler musical arrangements. Its width is a standout feature, although it may not offer as much depth. While detail retrieval is serviceable, it doesn’t impress on micro-level intricacies.

Closeup of inner shells


In conclusion, the Westone Audio AM Pro X10 excels in several key areas. The compact and comfortable shell design ensures a snug fit for prolonged listening sessions. The inclusion of passive ambience technology is a noteworthy feature, providing an effective means of blending external sounds with the audio playback.

Timbre accuracy is a strong suit of the Pro X10, delivering a faithful representation of instruments and vocals across the frequency spectrum but the bass response, while tight and controlled, may not satisfy those seeking more impactful lows.

Undoubtedly, the midrange steals the spotlight, offering a natural, organic tone that is particularly well-suited for musicians seeking an accurate portrayal of their music. However, for audiophiles in search of a more versatile, all-encompassing sound profile, the Pro X10’s limited bass response and neutral signature will likely fall short of their expectations.

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