xDuoo TA-22 Review

xDuoo TA-22 review featured

Today, I review the xDuoo TA-22 DAC and balanced tube headphone amplifier. The TA-22 features dual ES9038Q2M DAC chips and 2 12AU7 tubes. It’s priced at $489.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Shenzhen Audio for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

xDuoo TA-22 Review
The xDuoo TA-22 is a great unit with a warm, rich sound and powerful output. However, it's not well suited for IEMs.
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MQA Support
Rich, earthy sound signature
Forgiving on poor recordings
Big, clear display
Audible background noise when using IEMs
Slightly rolled-off treble
Included power cable is very short
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xDuoo TA-22

xDuoo TA-22 design


The xDuoo TA-22 sports a gunmetal grey chassis that’s similar to its other desktop components. There are perforated panels on the sides and top to allow for heat dissipation. The 2* 12AU7 tubes are half-sunken into the top panel and protected by sturdy aluminium frames. The frames just slot in and are easy to remove if you’d prefer not to have them there.

It’s a fairly large unit and takes up some space on the desktop. Furthermore, it feels substantial, weighing in at a hefty 3kg. A large OLED display occupies the left half of the front panel. To the right of the display are the 6.35mm, 4.4mm and XLR headphone outputs plus the multi-function volume knob.

On the back I/O panel, we find (from left to right) AUX Out (tube), AUX Out (DAC), AUX In, XLR In, 4.4mm In, Optical In, Coaxial In, USB-B In, Bluetooth antenna socket, voltage selector and power switch.

TA-22 rear panel


In terms of output power, the TA-22 is quite impressive. The balanced headphone outputs can push up to 3000mW which should be enough for any headphones from 16-600Ω. The singled-ended 6.35mm output is 1500 mW.

Dual ES9038Q2M DAC chips lie at the heart of the TA-22 and support up to 32bit/384kHz and DSD256. Bluetooth 5.1 is present and supports all of our favourite wireless codecs including SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX LL, aptX HD and LDAC.

Many devices of this type only use the tubes for the headphone output but the TA-22 also gives you the option to use it as a tube preamp. For those who want an uncoloured line out, there is also a standard AUX RCA output.


Gear used for testing includes the Meze Audio ADVAR, FiR 5×5, Hifiman Sundara and Sennheiser HD650. Prior to any critical listening, I burned in the TA-22 for 100 hours and gave the tubes ample time to warm up before each use.

So how does the TA-22 sound? Well, it sounds great but there is a problem: when I use IEMs there’s a noticeable background hiss (even on low gain) that I find really distracting. It’s weird because I’ve tested several of xDuoo’s tube amps and have never experienced an audible noise floor until the TA-22. Maybe I have a faulty unit or faulty tubes? Unfortunately, I don’t have any other 12AU7 tubes on hand to check. However, with headphones or high-impedance IEMs, the noise floor is inaudible so all is not lost.

The xDuoo TA-22 sounds different from the brand’s other gear I’ve tested. It’s not as muscular or bold. Instead, it gives off a classic tubey vibe, a softness if you will with an analogue touch.

The sound is transparent and balanced albeit with not quite as much bass extension as something like the XD05 Bal‘s solid-state amplification. However, bass notes sound richer and fuller. Vocals come to life with the TA-22, sounding extremely lifelike and engaging. I noticed the same with piano notes: a little less aggressive on the transients but more bloom and dimension.

There’s a similar effect on the treble – the TA-22 is more forgiving than its solid-state contemporaries, adding some velvet to the sound and less directness. The treble is a tad more rolled off but with rounder glowing notes that are soothing to my ears.

xDuoo TA-22 logo on front panel


The xDuoo TA-22 is a device I wanted to love and in a sense, I do. I love its solid, heavy chassis, and the easy controls and I love the bold, clear display (even though it’s yellow). I also love the way it sounds with headphones, especially my Sennheiser HD650.

What I don’t love is the audible noise floor when using IEMs. That’s really the only gripe I have but I feel it’s valid because it’s one of the noisiest headphone amps I’ve heard in recent times. If I were a cans-only guy, it probably wouldn’t be an issue. But I think there are a lot of other people (including myself) who have a combination of earphones and headphones.

So what’s my final verdict? If you’re primarily using headphones or speakers then the TA-22 is a lovely device that I’d be happy to recommend. But if you’re like me and always have IEMs in your rotation, you should pass on this one.


Screen: 3.12 inch OLED
Power Supply: ( AC100-120V/220-240V)
Compliant OS : Linux、Window、Macos, IOS, Andriod
Sampling Rate Support of USB IN: PCM: 16~32Bit/44.1~384kHz
MQA(Renderer): 44.1~384kHz
Sampling Rate Support of OPT/COA IN: PCM: 16~24Bit/44.1~384kHz
DSD: DSD64~DSD128 ( DOP ) 
Support Format of Bluetooth:  SBC、AAC、atpX、atpX LL、atpX HD、LDAC
Parameters of 6.5mm Headphone:
Output Power: 1500mW(32Ω )
Frequency Response: 20Hz~ 60kHz(土0.5dB)
THD+N:≤0.02 %
SNR: 113 dB
Crosstalk:≥ 70dB
Parameters of 4.4mm and XLR Headphone:
Output Power: 3000mW(32Ω)
Frequency Response: 20Hz-60kHz( 土0.5dB)
THD+N: ≤1% 
SNR: 118dB
Crosstalk: ≥96dB
Parameters of AUX OuT
Output Level: 2.0 Vrms
Frequency Response: 20Hz- 20kHz (土0.5dB)
SNR: 113dB
Crosstalk: ≥113dB
THD+N: 0.001 %
Suitable Headphone Impedance: 16-600Ω
Size: 26*19*7cm 
Weight: 3.0kg

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Chris Bangs
Chris Bangs
3 months ago

Hi again Dave!
I actually wrote this yesterday, but it disappeared on me. So on the TA-22 noise floor with iems. I have detected little to no noise on most of my sets. Well really on all of the sets that I have been able to test on it, I just have a dozen or more to go. Now I did switch to JJ Electronics Gold Pin High Performance tubes mid-way though the process, but even with the stock tubes, it was not something that jumped out at me at all. I have about 40 sets of iems, and another half dozen cans, and so far everything sounds beautiful through this hybrid. I am listening to Atlas Novus by Scale the Summit through the TA-22 right now, using Timmy’s Galileo iems and when the music is paused, there is dead silence. I mean like you’re in space dead silent. When I tap lightly on the tubes, I can hear them on their respective channels, so I know I am getting the tube action. So, I wonder if your unit was defective… anyway, I thought it was worth mentioning. Thank you for all you do! Rock on!

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