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Yinyoo NY-06 Triple Driver Hybrid Earphone – Review

Tested at $46

Hey there PA fam and welcome to another review. Today we’re looking at the Yinyoo NY-06 2DD + 1BA hybrid earphone. Coming in at $46 the NY-06 can go toe-to-toe with the RevoNext QT2 which we were really impressed with recently so this is going to be very interesting. So strap in and let’s take a look at it!

  • Quality all-metal earpieces
  • Tight bass, good clarity
  • Good stock cable
  • Value for money
  • Very basic accessory bundle

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Yinyoo NY-06 Specifications
  • Driver unit: 2DD+1BA hybrid driver unit
  • Impedance: 15Ω
  • Earphone sensitivity: 105dB/mW
  • Frequency range: 7-40000Hz
  • Earphone interface: 2Pin Interface
  • Cable Length: 1.2m

This sample was provided for the purpose of an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

Package and Accessories

The Yinyoo NY-06 comes in a small black box, near identical to the one that delivered the BQEYZ KB1 and BQEYZ K2. There’s no need to be alarmed though!

The explanation is quite simple. Yinyoo licensed the rights to one of the early BQEYZ models, so it comes from the same OEM. So, they look similar but the faceplate is different and they have a different tuning as well (info sourced directly from BQEYZ).

Now, back to the package! Inside the box you’ll find a user guide, the NY-06 earphone with detachable 2-pin cable and 3 pairs of silicone eartips. It’s a minimal bundle but you will understand why when you see and feel the quality of the IEM and cable; no cost was wasted on fancypackaging.

Yinyoo NY-06 unboxing

Build Quality and Design

With all-metal CNC crafted housings, the Yinyoo NY-06 has a gorgeous build that looks every bit as premium as anything you’ll find in the sub $50 range.

On the faceplates is an L and R marking to easily identify each side. The housings are machined beautifully and look really sleek. The 2 parts of the earphone are seamlessly joined together and the NY-06 is very lightweight but feels sturdy.

On the inner side of the housings there appear to be 3 small vents, 2 towards the rear end and another at the bass of the nozzle. The black nozzles are similar to the ones on the BQEYZ KB1 model which is unfortunate because it means there is no ridge to secure the eartips. This isn’t a problem when using the supplied tips or ones with a narrower core but I’ve had some of my other tips get stuck in my ears.

There’s also a metal mesh covering the nozzle opening to keep out ear wax and detritus. Apart from having no ridge on the nozzles, the NY-06 is finely built.


The black 4-strand twisted cable is just like the one found on some of the BQEYZ earphones. It feels strong and has minimal microphonics.

At the top are the 2-pin connectors clearly marked with an L or R and preformed ear guides made with transparent heat-shrink tubing.

A cylindrical metal Y-split sits further down the cable. It has Yinyoo laser etched on one side and a substantial strain relief on the bottom end. There’s also a chin slider present, just the way it should be.

The cable terminates in a metal L-shaped plug with good strain relief. You’ll find a Velcro cable tie here too which is a handy addition and it’s easily removable if you prefer to not have it there.

Yinyoo NY-06 plug and y-split

I find the Yinyoo NY-06 to be very comfortable. There are no sharp edges that come in contact with my ears and the angle of the nozzles help the monitors fit naturally.

Despite the vents on the housing, I found the noise isolation to be quite good and I think the NY-06 would be suitable for most everyday environments. Noise leak is fairly minimal too so it shouldn’t bother other people around you.


Gear used for testing includes the Shanling M0 and Sony NW-ZX300 DAPs. Desktop testing was done using my Windows PC and the Topping DX7 DAC.

If you liked the RevoNext QT2 or RevoNext RX8, then chances are good you will like the NY-06 too. Because its sound signature and even measurements are similar. The NY-06 has a sound signature that is quite balanced with a slightly boosted bass, forward vocals, an upper midrange boost and smooth treble.

Yinyoo NY-06 frequency response

Bass is north of neutral but is at a modest level. It’s certainly not a basshead type of sound. The sub-bass is impressive and almost as epic as the RevoNext QT2. The extension is excellent and the NY-06’s fast rumble is authoritative but controlled.

 There is plenty of meat in the mid-bass too and it’s some tasty protein indeed. The NY-06’s mid-bass has a fast attack and fast-medium decay which gives a nice weight but no bloat.

As I reminisce on the days before real hip-hop died, Notorious B.I.G’s “Hypnotize” starts to play. The track has a powerful kick drum that can easily become fatiguing if the mid-bass is overdone. The NY-06 handles it with class and gives me the full sense of impact without drowning out the lyrics.


The midrange finds a good balance between body and natural timbre. Vocals have good density and warmth with no preference given to either male or female voices. It’s inviting and smooth and with a great mix of warmth from the bass and clarity from the upper midrange boost.

“Lighthouse” by Iamthemorning and Mariusz Duda has a good mix of female and male voices plus a piano forming the basis of the background. The NY-06 gives the song the right amount of warmth without making it cloudy or unnaturally coloured. The vocals remain clear and the piano is left with sufficient body to carry them throughout the first half of the song before any other instruments join in.


The NY-06 has a fairly relaxed treble, relying on the upper midrange to provide clarity. This makes it smooth up top and the overall tonality is warmer as a result.

Despite having less prominence the treble doesn’t skimp on detail. It might have a bit less energy but the treble notes have good definition and they’re still heard clearly through the more prominent vocals and upper midrange.

While the treble doesn’t create the sparkliest of sounds it certainly doesn’t create a dark signature. The upper midrange boost takes care of articulation and the treble merely backs it up without any forced brightness.


While the NY-06 has an average-sized stage, it never feels too closed-in. Instrument separation is good and the upper midrange boost maintains a lightness and sense of space. Imaging is somewhat ordinary, however, the soundstage feels very natural and inviting.

Yinyoo NY-06 vs BQEYZ KB1 ($40 USD)
Yinyoo NY-06 vs BQEYZ KB1

The NY-06 has more mid-bass and lower midrange body. The BQEYZ KB1 (review here) has a more aggressive upper midrange boost which has a tendency to make the mids sound thin and shouty.

In contrast, the NY-06 has a fuller and warmer midrange which doesn’t have as much clarity as the KB1 but is more coherent and natural. The KB1 is brighter and thinner and has more clarity while the NY-06 sounds warmer and more inviting.

Because both of these monitors share near exactly the same treble the differences in tonality come from the upper midrange and the mid-bass. 

Yinyoo NY-06 vs RevoNext QT2 ($47 USD)
Yinyoo NY-06 vs RevoNext QT2

Just like we saw with the KB1, RevoNext QT2 (review here) also shares a very similar frequency response with the NY-06. The QT2’s sub-bass extends further and digs super deep with the NY-06 just having less presence below 100Hz.

The mid-bass is near identical on both IEMs but the QT2 stamps out a tad more authority and control. In fact, the frequency response on both is the same (on the graph) all the way up until around 1.5kHz. At that point, the NY-06 boosts the upper midrange more giving female vocals more presence and adding clarity.

In the upper treble the QT2 boosts the 10kHz-12kHz region more making it brighter and slightly more energetic but also introducing the occasional harsher notes.

So side by side the QT2 sounds more V-shaped with a more vivid and aggressive sound while the NY-06 smooths things out and leans more towards a balanced sound signature.

Yinyoo NY-06 with cable


Yinyoo is another fairly new brand that seems to be doing a lot of things right when it comes to entry-level IEMs and it will be interesting to see how it evolves. Hopefully, at some stage, I will get a chance to see how their mid-tier multi-BA monitors fare as well.

At this stage, there seems to be a lot of potential here which is great news for the consumers out there. At $46 the Yinyoo NY06 can trade blows with the excellent QT2 and that’s really saying something.

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