Edifier TWS330 NB Wireless Earbuds Review

Edifier TWS330 NB review featured

Edifier has been at it again and today we’re checking out another of their TWS earbuds. The Edifier TWS330 NB is a $59 earbud with active noise cancellation (ANC), ambient mode and great call quality.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Edifier for the purpose of an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

  • Pretty good ANC
  • Ambient mode
  • Musical, rhythmic sound
  • Difficult to remove earbuds from the charging case
  • Touch controls are hit and miss
  • Mediocre battery life

Edifier TWS330 NB

  • Bluetooth version: V5.0
  • Bluetooth Protocol: A2DP,AVRCP,HFP
  • Audio codecs: AAC, SBC
  • Playback time: ANC on: about 4 hours (earbuds) + 12 hours (charging case)
    ANC off: about 5 hours (earbuds) + 15 hours (charging case)
  • Charging time: about 1 hour (earbuds)/1.5 hours (charging case)
  • Battery capacity: 32mAh (earbuds)/350mAh (charging case)
  • Charging port: USB Type-C
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 92±3dB SPL (A)
  • Impedance: 24Ω
  • Driver unit: Φ8mm dynamic drivers
  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Effective Distance: 10m
Packaging & Accessories

The packaging for the TWS330 NB is a standard white box with an image of the earbuds and case on the front plus some specifications on the back. Inside the box you get the earbuds, charging case, 5 pairs of silicone eartips, USB Type-C charging cable and a user manual.

Edifier TWS330 NB earpiece solo


The Edifier TWS330 NB sports a stem type design. The top part is bulb-shaped like a regular IEM and has a short TWS style nozzle with silicone eartips. Attached to the bulb is a short stem that houses the touch controls.

The shells are made from a glossy acrylic material and are fairly low-key in terms of appearance. I found these earbuds to be extremely comfortable for my ears. I quite like these short stem designs as it gives you something to hold onto which is great for making adjustments and getting a secure fit.

Ergonomics and fit

An IP45 water-resistance rating means you can take these earbuds to the gym or for a run in the rain without worrying. Internally, the TWS330 NB has an 8mm dynamic driver to deliver the sound. It runs on Bluetooth 5.0 and although it has AAC and SBC, there’s no aptX support.

Edifier TWS330 NB charging points and magnets

I found the touch controls a little finicky with this one. There are different controls for each earpiece so there’s a bit of a learning curve. Here are the controls for the left side:

  • Accept/end a call: double click
  • Mode switch: double click
  • Game mode: triple click

And the right side:

  • Accept/end a call: double click
  • Pause/play: double click
  • Next track: triple click

Using the free Edifier Connect app, users can customize the double and triple tap functions of both earpieces, to include other features such as voice assistant and volume control.

Charging Case

The TWS330 NB case is a mixed bag. On one hand, it’s small, sleek and extremely pocketable. On the other hand, due to its rounded shape, it’s unable to stand upright on its own. So it’s quite difficult to return the earbuds to the case because it’s laying down almost flat.

Furthermore, I also found it difficult to remove the earbuds from the case because there’s very little to grip onto. The glossy finish means it’s also a fingerprint magnet. In terms of functionality, the case works fine. But when it comes to usability, it could have been better.

Charging case

Battery Life

With around 4 hours of music playback with the ANC on, the TWS330 NB isn’t going to win any endurance rewards but considering it has ANC that’s not too bad. That’s a comparable battery life to the AUVI Studio-G that doesn’t have any active noise cancellation. With ANC turned off, you can stretch the battery life out to around 5 hours.

With the extra 3 charges from the case, the total battery life comes to approximately 16 hours with ANC or 20 hours without. That should be enough to get most people through a few days before needing a recharge. If you do run out of power, 10 minutes in the charging case will give you around an hour of playback time.


The earbuds pair quickly and consistently with my phone and so far I haven’t had any disconnects or stuttering. You get the standard connection distance of about 10 meters. You can use the left and right sides individually too if you wish. There’s also a gaming mode that lets you play mobile games with minimal latency. I found it to work great for games and video with almost no delay.

Call Quality

Earbuds with a stem design often have better microphone quality and the TWS330 NB is no different. Your voice comes through clearly and sounds less artificial than most budget TWS IEMs. It has some body and warmth to it. In addition, the earbuds block out a good amount of background noise. As a result, these earbuds are better than average when it comes to making calls.

Edifier TWS330 NB with iPhone and plant


Gear used for testing includes:

  • iPhone
  • Windows 10 laptop
  • FiiO M6

Unlike the Edifier TWS1 Pro that I recently reviewed, the TWS330 NB has a warmer tone with smoother treble notes. It’s closer to what I consider to be a common TWS tuning, which has more emphasis on the bass and a thicker overall presentation. But the 330 NB doesn’t neglect the mids or treble and the final tonal balance is a pleasing one.


The bass digs deep here and has a fun resonating character. Sub-bass notes have a satisfying rumble: just listen to Craig Armstrong’s “Finding Beauty” and you’ll hear what I mean. If you like some punch and slam in your music, the TWS330 NB will be more than happy to oblige. It’s a full-bodied bass with a medium-pace decay.

In H.U.V.A Network’s “Cobalt”, the kick drum feels big and solid while the rolling bassline is delivered with rhythm and fullness. But despite the elevated level, the bass is well-controlled and doesn’t bury the midrange.


The midrange is full-bodied, musical and engaging. Although it has a somewhat thick tone, it doesn’t sound veiled and the clarity is still sufficient. Instrument notes are slightly rounded, warm and emotive. This is a midrange that focuses on musicality and soul more than technicalities.


TWS330 NB’s treble is laid back and inoffensive. It doesn’t have the forwardness of the TWS1 Pro but it’s less fatiguing and it’s a treble that you could listen to all day long. Yet somehow, the TWS330 NB still manages to do well when it comes to detail retrieval.

It’s not the airiest of trebles and as a result, the soundstage is more narrow than the TWS1 Pro. But the overall tonality is pleasing and the resolution from top to bottom is pretty good.


The soundstage has more depth than width but thanks to good resolution and instrument separation, the sound isn’t congested. Due to the laid back treble and narrow soundstage imaging is average. It’s not all that precise but it’s not overtly intimate either.


Edifier TWS1 Pro ($39)

The Edifier TWS1 Pro is a more affordable TWS earbud but one that doesn’t have any ANC. If you’re looking for an “audiophile tuning” i.e. something with faster bass and more treble energy, the TWS1 Pro is the one to go for.

The TWS330 has more bass emphasis and a warmer overall tonality. It’s more musical than the TWS1 Pro but at the same time, it has a smaller soundstage and less airiness. TWS330’s bass is bigger and deeper and this one can really rumble when the sub-bass comes along.

Its midrange is more full-bodied and warmer than the TWS1 Pro which is mostly due to the tuning of the treble. The treble is laid back and smooth on the TWS330 NB while the TWS1 Pro’s treble is more forward. As a result, the TWS1 Pro is more airy and detailed albeit more fatiguing. The TWS330 NB, on the other hand, is smooth as butter with fuller bass and more musical presentation.

TWS330 with case


The Edifier TWS330 NB is another solid budget wireless earbud from Edifier. It’s really comfortable, has decent active noise cancellation and has a fun but competent tuning that’s perfect for lengthy listening. With app support, ambient sound mode and good audio quality, you couldn’t ask for much more. This one is another win for Edifier.

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Hi, I know this review is old but is it possible for you to provide a frequency response graph? Thanks

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